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Contact Lenses

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Soft contact lens toric multifocal hydrogel
Contact lenses have improved dramatically in the past few years.  Major improvements in materials have made lens wear healthier, easier and more comfortable.  Design improvements have made astigmatism correction provide clear, consistant vision.  Bifocal designs have allowed patients of all ages to decrease their dependency on eyeglasses.  Higher oxygen transmission has made overnight wear of contact lenses possible for many patients.  The combination of these new technologies makes contact lens wear an excellent choice for anyone needing vision correction.  

Unlike many other new medical and dental technologies, contact lens prices and professional fees at The EyeCare Center are still quite reasonable.  For example a year supply of the newest technology spherical contact lenses,  fitting and followup visits for a new wearer is less than $250, with available rebates.   Slightly more for patients with astigmatism and less for previous wearers.  Complete fees for multifocal lenses that correct vision for those who need bifocals varies but usually less than a good pair of bifocal eyeglasses.  Our fees are often less than discount or even internet suppliers.  Recent eye examination required and available.  All types of lenses can be tried on a no cost risk basis.

Only at The EyeCare Center
Optometrist Doctor Elizabeth Sanders Specialist FAAO Resident Fellowship Residency
We have a true contact lens specialist! Many practitioners claim to be "contact lens specialists"  But Dr. Elizabeth Sanders of the EyeCare Center is a true Contact Lens Specialist, resident trained in cornea and contact lens, and holds the prestigious FAAO certification for advanced training and knowledge.  Along with the above lens types she has extensive experience in rigid lens fits, and those for irregular corneas including Keratoconus.